Wacky Warning Labels Reveal the Excesses of Civil Liability!



"Abnormal Use" Website Asks Intriguing Questions!

A popular blog called “Abnormal Use” that was rated by the American Bar Association as the top torts legal blog in the country has posted a new article featuring our Wacky Warning Label Contest!

The Wacky Warning Labels Contest Story -- on PBS!

The WWL story helps to explain how American innovation and jobs are threatened by abusive litigation.  Meet Beth Thieme, CEO of Amigo Mobility International, a company that makes motorized vehicles for disabled and elderly people, and learn how abusive litigation has forced Amigo to give up customized features that help people!

2011 Contest Finalists!  Vote for Your Favorite to Win!

Bob Dorigo Jones has found the wackiest labels ever!

2010 Wacky Warning Labels Video

What Warning Labels Tell Us About Civil Justice in America!

John Stossel's Audience Picks 2010 Winner

Video except from John's show on Fox when his audience picks the current winner.

Mike Gallagher's National Radio Show

Bob Dorigo Jones and Mike Gallagher discuss how the Wacky Warning Labels contest reveals barriers to entrepreneurship in America!

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Be a WWL Spotter and Win $1,000!

Tell us about the Wacky Warning Labels you spot and if your nominee is chosen the 2011 winner by John Stossel's live television audience on Fox Business in July, you'll win $1,000!

Send an email and picture to:


  Label sent to us this month by an alert WWL spotter who found this on towels now being sold by White Company, a retail company in England, known for selling quality linens and household products.

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