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Speaker's Resource: Trial Lawyer, Inc. Citations






Trial Lawyers, Inc. Citations


Citation 1:  "Trial Lawyers, Inc. revenues are assumed to be 19 percent of total U.S. tort costs in 2003, both as defined by Tillinghast, see U.S. TORT COSTS: 2003, TRENDS AND FINDINGS ON THE COSTS OF THE U.S. TORT SYSTEM 17 (Tillinghast-Towers Perrin 2003); U.S. TORT COSTS: 2004 UPDATE, TRENDS AND FINDINGS ON THE COSTS OF THE U.S. TORT SYSTEM 5 (Towers Perrin [Tillinghast] 2005) [hereinafter U.S. TORT COSTS: 2004]."

Citation 2:  The compound annual growth rate of Trial Lawyers, Inc.'s revenues is calculated from 200003 based on Tillinghast data, see id. (showing U.S. tort costs of $245.7 billion in 2003 vs. $179.2 billion in 2000); in gross domestic product from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, see (last visited Mar. 3, 2005) (estimating U.S. GDP for 2000 and 2003 at 9,817 and 11,004, respectively); in inflation from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2000 and 2003, see (last visited Mar. 3, 2005) (showing average CPI of 172.2 in 2000 and 184.0 in 2003); in the stock market from Standard and Poor's (ending value of 500 Index on December 31, 2000 and 2003, at 1,320.28 and 1,111.916, respectively).






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