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Bradley Tech in Milwaukee, WI

John Ratzenberger visited with the students and faculty of the Lynde & Harry Bradley Technology and Trade School. Its mission is to deliver a quality, comprehensive four-year academic and technical education that enables students to deliver life-long learning skills and apply their talents on a well-defined Trade and Technology career path.

Bradley Tech is guided by a commission of community and business leaders that specifically unites Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee Public Schools and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The commissioners ensure the school provides high quality educational experiences consistent with the needs of the world of work in trades and technology.

The school offers specialized curriculum and experiences to prepare students in the areas of technology and trades for the 21st century, helping them compete in our global society. The school requires 26 credits for graduation. A shop certificate honors students who complete the expected 10 credits in the technology and trade program with outstanding performance.

Bradley Tech has four small learning communities: Communications Academy (sponsored by AT&T), Construction Academy (sponsored by PieperPower), Design Academy (sponsored by Harley-Davidson), and Engineering Processes Academy (sponsored by Rockwell Automation). Students apply to an academy upon entry. The staff meets often to enhance curriculum, improve instructional approaches, and discuss student performance. Interventions to assist students are explored for those who may need an extra boost. Each of these small learning communities has an Instruction Administrator, an Intervention Administrator, and a community of teachers who will stay in place as their students move through the high school grades.

Contact: Ed Krupka

700 S. 4th Street • Milwaukee, WI 53204

414-212-2400 • E-mail:




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