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The Kansas Chamber is moving Kansas towards becoming the best state in America in which to do business.

The member-driven Chamber’s strength comes from its base of more than 10,000 Kansas employers. These include small, medium and large businesses ranging from one-person firms to large companies with thousands of employees.

Companies all across Kansas are fighting higher costs of doing business, including out of control health care costs. The Chamber listens to these Kansas employers and takes their concerns directly to the government decision-makers at the Statehouse in Topeka.

The Chamber works hard to manage health care costs, halt lawsuit abuse, reduce taxes on business, lower unemployment compensation expenses, reduce workers compensation costs, all the while it leverages education and transportation investments to grow more Kansas jobs.

The Kansas Chamber is growing the Business Caucus – a group of pro-business legislators in the Capitol. With growing support in both the House and the Senate, the Business Caucus is uniquely positioned to move Kansas on fast forward on the following issues:

Health care costs are the number one concern to business owners in Kansas. The Kansas Chamber and its members propose market-based solutions that will put more tools in the hands of employers to help manage the fastest rising cost of doing business in Kansas.

Escalating frivolous lawsuits are taking their toll on Kansas employers and having a chilling effect on economic growth. National studies show the staggering price tag of tort liability costs and the disproportionate effect they have on small business. Lawsuits are a major contributor to rising health care costs.

Taxes on business are too high in Kansas. In fact, Kansas ranks near the bottom third of the nation in providing a competitive tax climate for employers.
Workers Comp costs are increasing due to growing personal injury attorney involvement.  Nationally, Kansas has among the highest rate of personal injury attorney involvement and among the most generous contingency fee rate structures. This drives up costs to business, reduces the amount of money that goes to the injured worker and has an impact on job creation.

We’re working on all of these issues and more. With the support and backing of more than 10,000 Kansas employers, The Kansas Chamber listens to business and then takes the business message directly everyone who needs to hear it in Topeka.



If you know of or have authored an article or report that deserves recognition among corporate and public policy leaders, please send an email to


Lew Ebert

President and CEO

Kansas Chamber

835 SW Topeka Blvd.

Topeka, KS 66612


(F) 785-357-4732


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April 15, 2005



Governor Sebelius signs SB 75 into law, eliminating the civil liability for claims of weight gain or obesity because of long-term consumption of food.

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