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Bob is a leading spokesperson about abuses in the civil justice system and what we should do about them.  For two decades, he has focused on educating the public about how families, communities, and job providers are hurt by out-of-control lawsuit abuse.

Bob’s weekly radio program, “Let’s Be Fair!,” is broadcast by radio stations across America, including Eagle Broadcasting and the Midnight Radio Network. It also is featured on major websites, such as Tucker Carlson’s

Now in its third year of reaching more than 25 million listeners, “Let’s Be Fair!” presents important stories about the impact of crazy lawsuits and a litigation-happy culture on our communities and families.

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  American Needs 10 Million Skilled Workers!

Did you know the average age of America’s skilled workers is 55 years old? This will create a shortage of 10 million skilled jobs by 2020 – action needed now, says John Ratzenberger.

  Are You Afraid of Your Toaster?

In a recent comic strip, “Pearls Before Swine,” the characters read warning label after warning label, concluding, “I’ve never been so afraid of a toaster!” Bob Dorigo Jones describes the negative changes in consumer behavior based on scary labels.

  Lawsuits Are Costing Local Taxpayers Millions!

A local judge in Bowie County, Texas deletes mention in the public record of ceremonial prayer at the start of the court’s day out of fear of lawsuits, which cost millions to defend and cause most local governments to simply cave in.

  Malpractice Lawsuits are Driving Up Costs!

As nation debates debt crisis, wasteful spending in the form of defensive medicine is crushing medical care – six of ten medical malpractice lawsuits are abandoned because malpractice simply didn’t happen.

  Invent Something Great and Get Sued!

Great inventors like Al Thieme, (left) -- Amigo motorized scooters for disabled and elderly people -- meet the needs of millions, but still become the targets of abusive lawsuits.

  Can You Sue for Falling Asleep?

A 911 dispatcher falling asleep on the phone! It happened, and he sued and won under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as Bob Dorigo Jones points out the lawsuit abuses associated with a well-intentioned law.

  Have an Enlarged Prostate?  Or, PMS?!

Product label warns, “Do not use if you have an enlarged prostate.” What product? An over-the-counter painkiller for PMS. Some labels are head-scratchers but are necessary to keep people safe.

  Celebrating Bob's 100th Program!

Bob Dorigo Jones points to the President Reagan idea that great social change starts at our kitchen tables with stories – whether we take sharp aim at our challenges or celebrate the greatness of America’s freedoms. 

  A Rose is a Rose, Except ...

When someone sues over a pricked finger – the “open and obvious” rule no longer applies in U.S. lawsuits. 

  Independence from Arbitrary Government

Thomas Paine published “Common Sense” in 1776 as rebuke to the unpredictable power of King George III and thus rallied the colonies to independence from arbitrary government and courts.  What would he say about our courts and regulatory agencies today?


Bob's Column on

Defending Common Sense in 1776 and 2011

  More Self-service Checkouts Due to Lawsuits?

California retailers are hit with lawsuits demanding that cashiers are provided with chairs in order to do their jobs. When jobs are scarce, can we afford to play the costly lawsuit lottery?

  Shouldn't Judges Read the Law?

Should drunk drivers be able to sue pubs, bars and even picnic hosts when they drive and hurt themselves? In New Jersey, despite a state law banning such suits, the courts have allowed this kind of lawsuit – with costly consequences for all of us!

  Another Urban Legend!

A man sues Winnebago because his cruise control doesn’t keep him from crashing when he steps away for coffee – the so-called “Stella Awards” are shocking, but not true! Bob Dorigo Jones reports that real lawsuits are often stranger than fiction!

  First Aid Kit a Lawsuit Trap?!

Comic actor Ed Helms' recent injury on set was no laughing matter - the first aid kit was off-limits to the actor because it carried the potential for a lawsuit!

  Remember the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

Nobody paid attention when real danger appeared.  The same is true of too many warnings on products!  Learn about the hunter who is now has hearing loss due to loud gunshots.

  Wacky Warning Labels Have America Buzzing!

The 2011 Contest Finalists announced this week, and Bob Dorigo Jones shares new insights about “only in America” labels and lawsuits!

  2011 Wacky Warning Labels Contest Finalists!

The finalists have been selected for the 14th annual Wacky Warning Labels Contest -- and fear of lawsuits is driving manufacturers to extremes, says Bob Dorigo Jones, WWL creator and CFA Senior Fellow.


Bob's Column on

Plaintiff lawyers owe companies like Taco Bell an apology

  Should We Buy Products Then Not Use Them?

A heating pad doesn’t give a warm feeling when the warning label causes unnecessary fear of fire. Lawsuit fears are driving labels to "alarmist" levels.

  Are Seesaws Now Just Museum Exhibits?

The playground see-saw is now an historical footnote due to litigation – except in Amish country, where lawsuits are rare.

  Will You Settle for a Coupon?

Class action lawsuits often benefit plaintiff lawyers through big fees, cost companies millions, and often result in class action plaintiffs getting little more than coupons.

  Can We See Our Baby Now?

New technology enables ultrasound videos of your unborn child – but many hospitals are withholding them from parents due to fear of lawsuits.

  Can You Burn a House and Then Sue for Damages?

Can a divorced man burn down his spouse’s house and then sue the insurance company for emotional distress? Insurance fraud costs $30 billion and drives up insurance premiums!

  Are Law Schools Creating Social Engineers?

Bob Dorigo Jones explores the dangers raised in Walter Olson’s new book on the subject – and why it’s important to all Americans.

  No Place to Ride Your Bike or Hike?

If you’re in Connecticut, it’s a reality. Bob Dorigo Jones highlights a $3 million verdict that threatens to close city parks and trails due to the threat of lawsuits. 

  Health Courts:  A Solid Idea to Help Judges

President Obama's budget proposal offers up health courts to handle avalanche of medical malpractice and health care claims clogging courts.

  Worst Place on Earth to Practice Medicine?!

Venerable insurance underwriter Lloyd's of London declares America as one of the riskiest places for physicians to provide healthcare - high costs and quality care at stake. 

  Lesson for Med Students: Getting Sued!

Half of medical school residents face medical malpractice claims before they complete their training. Is your doctor scared of lawsuits?

  When Regulators Get Sued

Medical group sues federal government for “conflict-of-interest” on diet guidelines – perfect storm of regulation and litigation, according to Bob Dorigo Jones

  Are You an Entrepreneur? Meet John Tyler!

Bob introduces you to John Tyler of the Kauffman Foundation, which focuses on ways to help entrepreneurs succeed.

  “Warning: Don’t Take Eyes Off Of…Traffic?”

Bob tackles the “icy” question of bridge warnings signs – a woman sued the state over the use of “Watch for Ice” when she ran into oncoming traffic!

  Congressman Settles Lawsuit -- Fast!

Bob spotlights a $150,000 lawsuit filed by a U.S. Congressman over an olive pit in a sandwich – the lawsuit settled after national outrage (and Bob’s column)!

  Shouldn't Parents Decide for Their Kids?

Bob profiles the outrageous California lawsuit against McDonald’s Happy Meal – taking away personal choice and responsibility.

  Childhood Vaccination Lawsuit Scam!

Bob spotlights a medical researcher who has been exposed as a fraud – he was paid by plaintiffs’ lawyers to manufacture a link between childhood vaccinations and autism, according to a respected medical journal.

  Can Governor Perry Change the Culture?

Bob features Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s bold proposal for “loser pays” to control frivolous lawsuits.

  A Perfect Game

Bob reflects on a case lesson in civility, when Major Leaguer Armando Galarraga pitched a perfect game – except for a blown call by the umpire.  Galarraga forgave the ump when the ump acknowledged the mistake – a lesson in resolving disputes with our “better angels.”

  A Lawyer Who Defends His Neighbor

Bob revisits the Love Thy Neighbor lawsuit – the media attention the case received inspired a lawyer to donate his time to defend Love Thy Neighbor – perfect story for the holidays.


Bob's Column on

Why Dennis Kucinich's frivolous olive pit lawsuit matters

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