Bob Dorigo Jones

CFA Senior Fellow

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Bob is a leading storyteller about abuses in the civil justice system and what we should do about them.  For two decades, he has focused on educating the public about how families, communities, and job providers are hurt by out-of-control lawsuit abuse.

Bob’s weekly radio program, “Let’s Be Fair!,” is broadcast by radio stations across America, including Eagle Broadcasting and the Midnight Radio Network. It also is featured on major websites, such as Tucker Carlson’s  Now in its second year of reaching more than 25 million listeners, “Let’s Be Fair!” presents important stories about the impact of crazy lawsuits and a litigation-happy culture on our communities and families.

Setting Expectations

  • Bob presents stories illustrating common-sense themes.  His commentaries are non-partisan and focus on ideas and principles.  Bob endorses ideas, but not candidates or specific legislation.  The commentaries call attention to unfair actions (such as certain types of lawsuits) without demonizing individuals or organizations.  We welcome suggestions for future commentaries, which you can send to  We do not accept payment or grants in exchange for commentary topics or opinions.  All commentary scripts are prepared by Bob and colleagues at Center for America.  No advertising is included in the materials.

  • All commentaries when you play them on your website remain the intellectual property of Center for America.  You can discontinue use at any time by simply removing the links on your website.

Posting to Your Website

We welcome you to post Bob's commentary on your website.  Once you add the link (or HTML) to your webpage, a very easy one-time task, each week's new commentary is automatically linked from our "industrial strength" streaming media web server.  There are no ongoing tasks and no audio files to upload to your server.

  • First Option:  You add a jpeg icon to your website, such as the one at right, and link to our player page with a single URL.  This player page is updated by us each week. (We will provide and tailor the size dimensions to your needs.) We also provide simply HTML and Java Script to add to your webpage so that the player page opens in a new window of a specific size.  Click Here to see it in action.

  • Second Option:  We provide you with a direct link to our streaming media server that you post only once.  We update the commentary every week, but the link stays the same.  This link delivers the streaming audio only -- no HTML pages or visuals.  You then use your existing player environment to deliver the audio through your player.  We can provide you with graphics to add if you wish.

Next Step

Please send an email to Steve Nowlan at indicating your interest and the website on which you may want to post "Let's Be Fair!". 


  Bob's Stories Will Make You Laugh, Cry and... Think!

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