John Ratzenberger


Leading the Campaign to Rebuild America's Skilled Workforce

Letter to Leaders

Why I've started the 10 By 20 Pledge Campaign.

Why Bradley Foundation Supports the Campaign

Bob Norton at the Bradley Foundation introduces John at a recent meeting of community leaders in Milwaukee.

John's Latest Column on

The jobs tide threatens an American industrial tsunami

John Talks About the Coming Industrial Tsunami

Why is America facing a potentially devastating shortage of skilled workers?  What can we do about it?

John Speaks on the Hugh Hewitt National Radio Show

John and Hugh discuss the key implications of the coming shortage of skills in America and what needs to be done to meet this crisis.

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John Speaks out in the Media

Articles by John in such publications as AOL News, Investor's Business Daily, Atlanta Business Journal, The Oklahoman, Big Government, Reader's Digest and others. 

What You Can Do to Make a Difference

There are many ways you can help make a difference!  America needs your help! 

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John Ratzenberger's Bio for Download

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John Ratzenberger's Website

Learn more about John's career in films and television as well as his leadership in support of expanded vocational training opportunities for young people.


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