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Join the Campaign to Help Rebuild America's Skilled Workforce

You can help by spreading the word and volunteering to support local vocational training programs that expand opportunities for young people to gain the skills training they need. Look over this list and pick the ways you can help!

Start by signing the 10 By 20 Pledge for America!  Click on the graphic!

1. Sign up to receive our free email newsletter to stay in touch with current developments and ideas.  Click here to enroll.

2. Download the Resource PDF brochure and send it by email to leaders and friends in your community who will have an interest in helping.  Click here to download it!

3. Download the collection of John's articles published in leading publications and send it along to journalists and bloggers you know who may be interested in also publishing articles about the skills crisis.  Click here to download the collection.

4. Be a partner – help us feature career and technical programs in your area. We will promote vocational/technical programs in your area on our website and to national media. Let’s encourage local leaders to develop and expand career and technical programs across the country. Please send contact information about your program – or programs in your area (like vocational-technical high schools, technical programs, etc.) to Amanda Oursler at We will then invite the program to participate.

5. Write or call your local school district officials and your state legislative representatives to find out what they are doing to support expanded career and technical program opportunities.  Your interest in finding out about what they are doing will help to stimulate them to do more because they will know the public is interested in these programs.  If you are excited about what you learn, send the information along to Amanda so we can post the highlights for others to read.  If you think your local officials need to do more, send them a copy of the booklets you have downloaded with encouragement to connect up with our campaign!

6. Volunteer your time and talents to local programs you learn about.  Some programs are sponsored by school districts and others are nonprofit organizations.  Most programs need volunteers ranging from teachers with specific skills (such as plumbing, carpentry, or metal working) to people who can help the organization itself with communications and website projects, and locating suitable tools, equipment and special project materials.  There is always something important to be done! 

7. Contribute financially to our 10 By 20 Pledge Campaign through Center for America or contribute financially to one of the local programs you learn about in which you have confidence. 

8.  Add links to your website so visitors will learn more about the campaign. You can download various graphic icons from our website that you are welcome to post. Just add the URL link to: to your file when you post it.



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