Hugh Hewitt

CFA Senior Fellow

Tipping Points: The Future of Enterprise in America

America’s #1 Challenge: How do we stimulate free enterprise and job creation without creating so many barriers to success that entrepreneurs take their jobs to other countries?

This unique series is being broadcast nationally by CFA media partner Salem Radio Network, Emmy-award winning host Hugh Hewitt.  He interviews American leaders in the front lines of government, business and law to explore the major obstacles to job creation and innovation: lawsuit abuse, over-regulation, the loss of skilled workers and manufacturing, the need for new education, patent protection and more.  You can listen to the kick-off interview with CFA President Steve Nowlan, that creates a framework for the whole series. 

Call the Hugh Hewitt show M-F 6 to 9 PM EST, 1-800-520-1234  

Hugh Hewitt Interviews

Shannon Goessling: Protecting Constitutional Rights

Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel, Southeastern Legal Foundation

Bob Dorigo Jones: If You Go Into Business, Will You Go Into Court?

CFA Fellow; Radio Commentator and Journalist

John Ratzenberger: The Looming Threat to America's Future

Leader of the national campaign to rebuild America's skilled workforce

John Tyler: How Do We Stimulate Entrepreneurship in America?

General Counsel, Chief Ethics Officer, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Tim Pawlenty: What Can Be Done About State Over-regulation?

Two-term Governor of Minnesota, former Chairman of the National Governors Association

Richard Epstein: How Do We Regulate Without Over-regulating?

Professor of Law, New York University

Rick Homan: Impact of Legal Liability on Medical Care

President and Annenberg Dean, Drexel University College of Medicine

Anastasia Kelly: Increasing Risks to Board Membership

Partner of DLA Piper and former Vice Chairman of AIG

Harold See: The Role of the Courts

Former Associate Justice, Alabama Supreme Court

John Calfee: How Regulation Restricts the Marketplace

Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Todd Young: How Civil Liability Shapes Economic Growth

Chief Operating Officer, Center for America

Senator Ronnie Chance: State Barriers to Job Creation

Chairman, Economic Development Committee, State of Georgia

Rep. Dan Sullivan: State Barriers to Job Creation

House Majority Floor Leader, State of Oklahoma

Domenick DiCicco: Litigation is Giving Foreign Competitors an Advantage

New Jersey Assemblyman; General Counsel, Alexander Gallo Holdings

Lawrence McQuillan: Measuring the Health of Civil Justice Systems

Senior Fellow in Political Economy, Pacific Research Institute


Robert Norton: Regulation Can Create Unintended Consequences

Vice President, Donor Relations, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation


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