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Are You Having Trouble With The Video?


The video you are trying to watch requires the QuickTime Media Player created by Apple Computer.


If you have a recent copy of the QuickTime player installed on your PC or Apple Computer, the QuickTime player will open automatically, connect to the high quality video stream and begin to play after a few seconds of buffering.


If you do NOT have this player installed, when you click on the video link, you will see a dialog box open that asks you to "Run" or "Save" the media file.  Please click on "Cancel" and click below on the QuickTime icon to download a free copy of the media player.


This media player software for Windows is about 11 megabytes (reasonably small) and will take only a few minutes to download if you have a broadband or DSL connection (which most organizations and companies have today). If you are downloading the player through a dial-up connection, this download may take up to 20 minutes.


The QuickTime player will not hurt or disrupt your computer.  Typically, most people have more than one player installed -- some common player types are Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.



Click the icon to download the free Quicktime Player




Troubleshooting Questions and Answers


Q:  I know I have QuickTime on my computer, but I am still presented with the dialog box asking me to "Run" or "Save" the file and the video is not playing.  What's the problem?


The most likely problem is that your version of the QuickTime player is an old one that no longer matches the standard of current video files.  The best solution is to download the current version, which will install smoothly even with an older version on your system.  (Even if you already have the current version, it will not hurt your PC to re-install the current version and there is no cost. If you have the current version and it has been disabled or corrupted due to problems on your PC, downloading and reinstalling the current version may resolve these problems.)


Q:  What are the PC system requirements for using this version of QuickTime?


For Windows:  A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer, with at least 128 MB of RAM, running Windows 98 or ME or 2000 or XP.


For Mac:  A 400 MHz PowerPC G3 or faster Macintosh computer, with at least 128 MB of RAM, running Mac OS X v. 10.3.9 or later.


Q:  I have the right copy of QuickTime and a computer that matches or exceeds the requirements -- but the video still does not play.  What now?  Could the link to the video be faulty?


The links have been thoroughly tested and there are many people successfully watching the video every day according to our system monitors.


Here are some other possible problems you can consider:


1. Occasionally, the traffic on the internet will create connection problems with the media website.  If this is the problem, you'll see your media player appear, but in the status box at the bottom of the player, you will see it repeatedly say, "buffering", "attempting to connect", and "disconnecting".  When this happens, you will have to wait for internet traffic to lessen.  Our website is tuned to support more than 1,000 simultaneous users, but we have no control over the quality of the internet connection between your PC and our website.


2. There may be settings on your PC, in your internet security software or in your organization's firewall that are preventing you from connecting.  You'll probably need help from your technical support team to diagnose and reset these.  Unfortunately, we cannot help you do this because every user's computing environment is unique.


3. You might want to try another computer.  We have often found that PCs are configured so differently from one another that even though yours might not be set up to host QuickTime properly, your colleague's computer may well be. 


In the several instances where our users have had trouble accessing the video, the users' internal technical team has been able to fix the problem in a matter of minutes.  If everything you have tried has still not given you a solution, we encourage you to call your tech team.   Because more than 25,000 websites refer users to download QuickTime and it is downloaded more than 10 million times a month, the chances are your tech team is very familiar with the steps to take to quickly address your problem.




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