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With Justice for All:

A Debate on the American Tort System

 A Special Web Program

with Steven B. Hantler and Dick Scruggs

Moderated by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano


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Steve Hantler

CFA Chairman


Dick Scruggs

Scruggs Law Firm


Hon. Andrew


Senior Judicial Analyst

FOX News


In this 48-minute program, Andrew Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst of the FOX News Channel, moderates a lively debate between Dick Scruggs and Steve Hantler, formerly with Chrysler LLC, about the pros and cons of legal reform and the activities of the trial bar.  Sponsored by the Manhattan Institute and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, this debate pits the mastermind of the precedent-setting tobacco litigation against the business community’s most respected legal reform advocate. 


Steven B. Hantler formerly directed Chrysler LLC’s Class Action Group, Consumer Litigation Group, litigation communications, and legal reform activities.  He serves as Chairman of the Center for America, which is campaigning across the U.S. for legal reform at the state level. He serves on the boards of the Michigan Chamber and the American Tort Reform Association and is the legal reform adviser to the Council of State Chambers.  He chairs the board of the State Government Leadership Foundation and is a Senior Fellow of the Pacific Research Institute.  His articles have been published by The Wall Street Journal, CEO Magazine, Inside Litigation, Litigation Management Magazine, Chief Legal Executive Magazine and The San Francisco Examiner. 


Dick Scruggs is a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot who made headlines in the 1990s because of his lead role in developing the litigation against the tobacco industry, a battle that was made famous by the hit movie, The Insider, starring Russell Crowe.  He was named Mississippi Citizen of the Year in 1997 and is well-known for his gift of $25 million to Ole Miss.  Earlier in his career, he won some $300 million in pay-outs for asbestos plaintiffs, earning $25 million in fees in the process.  He has recently filed nearly 50 lawsuits against more than 350 nonprofit hospitals alleging that they are violating their IRS tax exemption by failing to provide appropriately-priced services to poor customers.  Note:  Subsequently, Dick Scruggs was convicted of bribing judges and is currently in jail serving a long sentence.


Hon. Andrew P. Napolitano joined FOX News Channel in January 1998, and currently serves as a senior judicial analyst. He appears daily on The Big Story with John Gibson, co-hosts FOX and Friends once a week and is a regular on The O’Reilly Factor.  Judge Napolitano is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey. While on the bench from 1987-95, he tried more than 150 jury trials.  He returned to private law practice in 1995, the same year he began his career in broadcasting.  He is the author of several books about law and justice.  Click here to see Judge Napolitano's page on


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For information about distributing a special edition DVD of this program to business colleagues or organization members, please contact Steve Nowlan at 973-968-5072 or  Copies are available at the cost of manufacture and shipping in quantities of 25 or more.