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Common Sense in the Commonwealth of Virginia

September 13, 2007

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell joins Kristyn Shayon to talk about "the terrific tort climate" in Virginia. His common sense approach to the application of justice has helped give Virginia a top ten ranking in several major surveys and reports of all fifty states.


In this interview, he talks about the role the Attorney General should play in encouraging growth and responsibility on behalf of the business community, as well as the the importance creating a bi-partisan base of support of free enterprise principles.


Excerpt From:

The Directorship Annual Guide to State Legal Climates:  Virginia  (Rank: 2)


"The liability climate in Virginia is conducive to growth and job creation. Virginia has the second lowest insurance loss ratios in the nation. The Common wealth abolished joint liability and enacted reasonable limits on punitive damages among other reforms. The Virginia Supreme Court, which is elected by the General Assembly, has a rule-of-law majority. Since 1993, Virginia has elected attorneys general who were all active legal reform leaders, including the incumbent Attorney General Bob McDonnell. As a member of the House of Delegates, General McDonnell introduced several liability reform bills that were signed into law."  -- Steve Hantler, et. al., Directorship, June-July 2007, page 52.


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