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Jeff Cunningham

Chairman and CEO

Directorship and




The 2008 Boardroom Guide to State Legal Climates

Prepared for Directorship Magazine

by Steve Hantler, Chairman, Center for America

and CFA's State Partners

June 27, 2008

Jeff Cunningham, publisher of Directorship Magazine, joins CFA's Kristyn Shayon to talk about the 2008 Boardroom Guide to State Legal Climates, featured in the June/July Edition of the magazine.

Jeff discusses the practical steps that board directors should take in reviewing litigation and litigation environment confronting their companies at the state level.  He describes why the reduction in litigation cost is the most promising area for the recovery of corporate value for shareholders. He also discusses why Boards need to work with groups like the Center for America to seek reforms in state laws that allow corporate assets to be diminished through frivolous litigation.


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